Tuesday, 23 July 2019

General Vaping Discussion

This is just an opinion piece based on the info given from the website below.

Why I don't like Nic Salts. Look at the advantages and disadvantages on this page. My opinions on these follow. You'll see my opinion is the information is very misleading or down right wrong. What are Nicotine Salts? Beginner's Guide to Salt E-Liquid

Advantages 1st point Satisfaction. I mix my own...

Why I Don't like Nic Salts

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General Vaping Discussion

Anybody know of a good pod system, or better yet, a good 100w plus mod that can charge on a wireless charger like a phone, watch, etc.? I like technology, so the vaping fits right in my hobbies. I have to believe that some of the companies are at least working on it. Anybody seen any news about this?

Searched a bit, and the only one I can find is this...

Digiflavor EDGE 200W TC Starter Kit

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General Vaping Discussion

Found a really good quality store for Juul accessories with some high quality products. Thought I'd share it. So far only tried the skins, but there really nice.


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General Vaping Discussion

By now, everyone that has ever stumbled across any of my barely coherent pod system rants knows that I hate pod systems.

But, in my last rant I said I'd try one if certain criteria were met:
  • Rebuildable
  • Industry standard connector
  • Replaceable battery
A lot of people pointed out the Pasito, but it failed on two counts (replaceable cell and adherence to standards)

The new Squad from Squid Industries got close, but not quite (replaceable cell)

Then, as I was wasting...

Pods systems and eating a tiny bit of crow...

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General Vaping Discussion

Hello, once I press fite button on my smok stick v8 mod, it starts buzzing. It still produces vapor, but it doesn't like a lot. Also, it is vibrating a bit. Maybe someone had something similar and could help? Is it fixable? Also, I tested with another atomizer, the buzzing is still there.

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Monday, 22 July 2019

General Vaping Discussion

Having only recently rekindled a proper interest I have decided to dig out some mods and clean them up. Thought I’d give the kiss a clean but under these studio lights I can see what I’ve done (don’t know when). There is rust under that cross thread. Any ideas how I would get this mod rust free? don’t want to damage the cross by using anything too abrasive. Cheers

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General Vaping Discussion

I'm using an Eleaf iStick Pico 25 and have to protect it. The Mod is kinda short and it's got a huge honking Aspire Nautilus on top of it.

I am looking at these vape pouches with belt clip such as the Klouders. search ( Vape Case Accessories Vapor Pouch for Travel Carrying Bag Holder to Carry Your Vape Box Mods Full Kit with Tank Vaping Supplies Holster Organizer for e Juice Battery Black Klouders ) on Amazon. -

It seems way too big for this iStick and it's kinda over kill because I...

How do you carry your box mod? (iStick Pico 25)

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General Vaping Discussion

For some time now I've had 4 or 5 setups going at any one time and recently added 4 regular pod systems. I know this is a puny amount compared to some folks here. What I have noticed lately is that I spend a lot of time switching from vape to vape to vape and I think I am also vaping more because of this.

So I decided to simplify things and put a few things a way. I now have two setups and two pods. Been doing it this way for about a week and I think I like it better. I also feel like I...


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General Vaping Discussion

Question: What pg/vg/nic ratio do you find to be the best?

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Sunday, 21 July 2019

General Vaping Discussion

This is a short summary of the Smoant Pasito I won in a contest from @3Avape_Dara . I promised to give feedback on the Pasito in the contest thread after using but the thread is closed to further reply's so I am leaving feedback here. The Pasito is a very attractive small AIO with a rebuildable RBA coil and a 0.6Ω mesh DL coil and a 1.4Ω MTL ni coil. Both coils perform OK but the RBA coil is a winner for this AIO. Building the RBA coil is a bit tough to do but not that...


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General Vaping Discussion

Well guys, I think everybody here knows, at this point, what I think about all this sh*t happening in US about vaping and teens, people telling others what to do, what to use, what to think, trying to tell companies what to manufacture... In resume, all this crazy thing. But... Watching Jay's review of this thing, I can't help but to believe some companies are, indeed, targeting it's devices to younger people. I mean, LOOK AT THAT!!

I would love to read your thoughts about it....

A lollipop-style vaping device? SERIOUS??

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General Vaping Discussion

This is just an opinion piece based on the info given from the website below. Why I don't like Nic Salts . Look at the advantages and ...